Books for Under a Dollar!

I’m sure many folks received Kindles & e-readers for Christmas and are looking for an inexpensive way to load them up, Have no fear–I have a helpful like to share with y’all!

Below you’ll find several books for under a dollar to add to your e-reading devices. Enjoy!

Boxing Day FREE & 99c Books – Fantasy, Sci-Fi, & Horror

The Lake has Eyes

Currently FREE on Kindle Unlimited: The Lake Has Eyes by Mark Layton

This book has amazing reviews!

A mysterious house, a lake shrouded in secrets, and a malicious spirit on the hunt…

When Rachel arrives at the dilapidated Bridge Manor, she knew something was wrong. The run-down house and its eerie, ominous-looking lake gave her the creeps – no matter how much her parents tried to convince her it only needed repairs and a fresh coat of paint.

As Rachel struggles to recover after her coma and rekindle her bond with her family, she begins to befriend their distrustful neighbors… and she discovers the harrowing story behind the manor and its lake. A ghost haunts these cold waters – one that wants her dead.

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The No Kill List by [Lee Cushing]
The No Kill List

Elisha Grant was a gifted medical student when she was alive, now as a member of a vicious pack of strigoi, she has become a sadistic monster with an appetite for death and suffering.

Bennett Delaney is obsessed with vengeance and is determined to destroy Elisha in retaliation for the slaughter of his family at her hands.

The only people standing in Bennett’s way at Trust agents Forrest King and Catherine Jordan who are reluctantly trying to protect Elisha whose importance has placed her on a list of demons who no agent is allowed to harm.

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