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Blood Treason (Book #3 of the Blood Tribe trilogy)

Another battle may be over, but the war against the global network of vampires, the Shévet ha Dam, or Blood Tribe, is far from won. Michael and Vivian, undead soulmates who have committed themselves to fight against the Tribe, have to face their biggest challenge yet. Michael’s son, Lukas, has turned from the positive power of Source to the dark Maleficence. And if the woman set on seducing Lukas has her way, he will never find his way back.

What’s more, Michael has a new curse in his veins that rivals the strength of his vampire blood—one with its roots in the Maleficence. His craving for blood is now matched by an appetite for meat. The living kind.

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Blood Trials (Book #2 of the Blood Tribe trilogy)

Amara lives half of her life awake and in fear, the other half in a shadowy world hardly remembered. She holds a power that allows her to resist the vampire curse, but only a select handful know. Even Amara is unaware of her gift. She believes she teeters on the edge of insanity, taunted by voices that have haunted her for years. She has no idea the voices are vampires trailing her every move.

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Blood Tribe (Book #1 of the Blood Tribe trilogy)

When Vivian Black awakens in a coffin fifty years away from her earliest memories, that is only the beginning of the horror awaiting her. Soon she discovers she is a vampire wanted by a deadly, international cult of the undead‒the Shévet ha Dam, or Blood Tribe. Her pursuer? Joseph Cartephilus, former doorkeeper to Pontius Pilate and the father of the vampire race. With a new, handsome friend Michael–a young vampire who has vowed to protect her–Vivian flees for her life. But nowhere is far enough for them to escape her past, and the Shévet ha Dam

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As a gray witch, twenty-six-year-old Murphy Blackwell lived her life isolated from the world and sheltering the world from her damage. Gray witches are, after all, chaos witches—the most hazardous type known to humankind. She was to blame for all the mayhem that occurred whenever she ventured outside of Witch’s Brew, her heavily warded home and business, and there was little she could do about it. Murphy had no life and no family. Her only friends were two coven members who never left her side after the night their mothers were murdered. The killers were never found.

Betony is a strong-willed high-schooler determined to learn all there is about the craft. As her primary instructor, she has adopted Murphy, a solitary practitioner, but Murphy isn’t sure about her aspiring student’s designs. Betony says all the right things. So why is Murphy second-guessing her motivation?

When a gunman evades Murphy’s wards and enters her shop, her sense of safety is shattered. Then, her high priestess delivers a new blow, one that puts everything in danger—what she is, who her friends are, and the survival of the entire town of Gryphon.

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Eternal Spring

A young man with an extraordinary gift. A religious commune isolated from the world. What could possibly go wrong?

Fifteen-year-old Joshua Moses has lived his entire life sheltered inside the Eternal Spring commune. Its people raised him, clothed him, fed him, and taught him everything.

Well, almost everything. They didn’t know he could move objects with his mind, or that he heard a heavenly voice teaching him ways to improve Reverend Mayweather’s sermons. If they found out, they might hail him as a prophet—or they might think demons controlled him and cast him out forever.

Marshall Hudson is a retiring Army sergeant with stellar career history and intuition he’s learned to never ignore. That intuition has told him to head south to an odd encampment he’s only seen in terrifying dreams.

Reverend Mayweather is hiding a secret—one that may lead to the downfall of the Eternal Spring. Can Joshua help him to keep the commune alive? And if so, what will he sacrifice?

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Shadow Hunter

Detective Noah Halabrin’s ability to see the future didn’t save his parents. They, along with dozens of others, died at Lightning Fork Campground nearly twenty years ago, killed by a single man. Only Noah and his sisters escaped with their lives. Now, guided by the ghosts of the dead, Detective Halabrin struggles through the biggest case of his career; one leading him to the only thing capable of such butchery without leaving a trace. And the killer is closing in on a circle of death that may end with Noah.

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